is a Research Laboratory Projekt scored by Rigeck, Naal Stayn, and accompained by Patrick Glassel, Laurent Underscore and Dana Young to explore the Cold and Moody Experimental Side of a new Style : the FREESTYLE POST SYNTH. They barely use Nihilism, Grey Monochromes to express Nostalia and all human frustrations and disillusions. TENSE & DESPERATE MUZAK.

Their universe can't be easily labeled because almost everything which came to mind is used for their recordings from traditional & unusual instruments to Vintage Abrasive Analog Electronix. "Live" drums and drum machines took also majors parts in their creation process. Absolutely no pre-conceived tunes & no pressure or necessity to write a HIT.

The band was formed instinctively as an EXPERIMENTAL MOODY ART STRUCTURE in 1999. Two Long-Player Tapes have seen the day since then: the Gemms "TRENDY STORE DEMO K7" and the other one taken from Live-Side called "URBAN SPACE K7".

To appeal to the Junky Wave addicts, SHDR has released an incredibly "Great Sounding" limited CD compilation called DIRECTIONS (1999-2007).

November 2008, now saw the group finishing an important and ambitious longplayer work at Shelter One Studios that is called "NEW EVERYTHING !". As the title says it all, this record countains Music never heard before. You can buy it now in our SHOP. Don't miss this. A more than great medecine for a harsh winter weather.

The Grise Perspective of TRENDY STORE can be listened as a preview at: