PSYCHOSE is a real, ambitious Hybrid Wave Project from FRANCE that consists of exploring time and Space through Sound Media & Galaxy Images. They are influenced by Cerebral Travels; exploring the NEW UNKNOWN LANSCAPES to avoid banal daily reality.

The Music can be described as a crossroad between Coldwave / Krautrock/ Psychedelic & Ambiant+Electronica+Trip Hop.

Rubbered Electronic Basses, Acid Guitars, Loops, Sample Voices & Psychedelic Effects are heavily used to give the listener the impression of losing his balance of the Earth. Kind of "Overdose Music" (without any drug), since its first CD album was released in 1999 with the disturbing name "LDS DREAM".

After this first experiment which widely explored obscure instruments from the70's, another CD was edited in 2001 with the album name: "PHONES". It was based on how people lack communication between others in today’s society (cf they use "phone sounds gimmicks" as interludes onto the album). More coldwave aspects were also used this time as well as longer, improved and obscure tracks.

Those 2 Albums have been re-mastered by SHDR in 2007. Go to our SHOP and buy the limited CD editions. This music is really Particular & Edgy. Highly Recommended.

You can listen their Music for a brief Voyage at: