PERPLEXIONS is a band formed by Head Frontman Multimedia Artist Patrick Glassel.
Patrick was born in Paris, but moved to the states when he was just 5 years old. He is now based in Milwaukee, USA.

PERPLEXIONS could be labeled or interpreted as neo cold-wave, cold alpha-wave or unconscious music.
Patrick would like to simply think of it as 'Avant-garde, Experimental, Futurist,
Surreal Performance-Art therapy music'
-involving film, zines and stage design, strange costumes- so it is also theatrical and multi-media.

The biographical story is complex and all link to the thematic performances, films, zines etc...

It covers the range of 1981 to present; much material in many different bands:
Zero Zen, The Deliriants, Veiled Invisiblind,
Conditional Atmosphere, solo-releases as Patrik Glassel, Gallery of Dreamality, Interplanetary Skyscraper, Agogment...

A retrospective limited CD called "PERPLEXIONS - GALLERY OF DREAMALITY CD can be ordered with Paypal through our SHOP SECTION.
This is really Unique and Catchy Atmospheric Tristesse Synth!!

You can reach the Artist here :