PATHETIC PENCILS is a duo project that saw the day in 2000 . The music can be described as a sort of THRASH NEW WAVE.

Its purpose is to escape the reality by the use of DREAMS and thanks to a more HUMAN or MANUAL approach of playing the Acoustic via the Instruments. A sort of HYBRID WAVE THERAPY.

The music itself is using lots of Acid/Corrosive Effects such as FUZZ & WAH .
An uncompromised, extreme experience but surely a method of recording in the studio. Obsviously, the Studio seems to be their own "Instrument". At end, this provides a sort of rich, margy & unpredictable result.

AVANT-GARDE SPACE MOODY URBAN ROCK (?), According to some audience, the music of PATHETIC PENCILS obviously reminds some Vintage Psychedelic Drug Music.

The debut album called "WIS 19" is now available. You can order it through the SHOP.

You can listen, read more or learn things about the band here at :