Right back in 1979 , in England saw the morphosis of 'NEW' EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC' , forward musical excursions against the social & political establishment.This led and contributed to enrich 'Sound Research' and the ART of our 21st century .

From Cabaret Voltaire to Throbbing Gristle and Ensemble Pittoresque to Bernard Szajner many groups were involved into Futurist Ways of approaching Non- Commercial Muzak that sounds still fresh , ahead of its time , & -or- timeless ( cf 80's inheritance trend in Today's Music ) . Most of them were wedely influenced by the German Obscure 70's Music Scene ( Faust , Can , Neu! , Harmonia ) , as well as beeing related to Generic Artistic Movements from Dadaism to Optical Art and from Expressionism to Romantism.

SHDR Post Synth was born under those forgotten 'alive ashes' with strong desire to keep remain this once COLD GREY EXPERIMENTAL early UK Synth and its intrinsic NHILISM that had haunted this great movement .

Some May call it COLDWAVE or MINIMAL SYNTH , but here we like to call it "POST SYNTH" by neologism with the word "POST MODERNISM".

"POST SYNTH" is a very well sophisticated name for ALL SYNTH MUSIC delivering DESPAIR, TENSED & ODD , STRANGE ANTI-ROCK MUSIC which uses HERMETIC ANALOG SYNTHS as frustration or cry for help .

SHDR is specialized into POST SYNTH since 1996 ( many label incarnation' names were used in the past years such as FUNERAL RECORDS , RETRO RECORDS , SECONDHAND DAYLIGHT RECORDS and today SHDR by shortcut reduction ) . We try in a whole and as far as possible to promote its diverse multiple incarnations such as :

New Wave , Coldwave , Post Punk Synth , SynthPunk , Krautrock , Psychedelic , 70's (late & early) , Ambiant , Industrial... ALL of the EXPERIMENTAL COLDSYNTH PIONEER STYLES ; but always SUBTLE , OBSCURE , ONEIRIC , DECADENT...