FORMES NOUVELLES was created right back in 1981 in South of France as one of the first combo to appear in the French New Wave direction. Taking his roots from the Punk Movement but also in lots of different stuff from the 70's.

Suddenly, when the Synthetic New Wave Music appeared thanks to the likes of Krafwerk/John Foxx, they soon decide to use rythm boxes melted with acoustic instruments. The revolt had already begun. Since then, They could never decide how to classify or stamp their music. Let's say that it is oscillating through Coldwave, Post Punk-UK and Psychedelic to resume it in a whole.

FORMES NOUVELLES has been better known by the years through the French Coldwave collector' Scene because of their brillant appearance on the mid-80's French Cult Gemm Tape Compilation called "La Muse Vénale".

You can find all of those titles fully remastered on a Retrospective-Cd called ELEMENTS (81-84). This CD includes also a lot of unreleased material agremented with some brand new 2008 versions.

Check out their intense music ( before purchasing ) at :