DIVERGENCE was formed in May 1996 In France by former Bassist/Keyboardist RIGECK RODGERS as Original "Early 80's Sounding" Cold wave Act . Very few times after shaping their Sound and Imagery , RIGECK recruited Mathis L.C on guitar- to give birth to the first real line-up of the group . They did many sessions exploring Sound Possibilities with Minimal and Cheap versus Sophisticated Material: from Analog Rythm Boxes to Loud Heavy Bass, Chorus/Delay/Loads of Multi-Effets everywhere, Obscure Low Tone Reverberated Voice & Synth Sound Treatments.

They tried to create something new as it should be in the Music Industry.

While influenced at that time by Joy Division & Section 25, they had the desire to be different and not to sound like another Cold wave Cliché. They had their own unique sound in which they played in real time with drum pads to give an ALIVE feeling to their FANTASY. First album was only released in TAPE, RARE Home-Maid Classious Box design + Inside Booklet & no more than 28 titles!!

Then the following year, came the more than rare & deleted K7 called "the other tracks".

1998 Saw the demise of Mathis L.C and allowed RIGECK to use sequencers (Boss Dr-5) & grab new territories on his own Studios with his Affectionate Analog Tascam Tape Recorder.

2008, so twelve years after, SHDR is newly & proudly editing & mastering all the complete trilogy of DIVERGENCE onto CD as 'DIVERGENCE I', 'DIVERGENCE II' & the very last "DIVERGENCE - 4 TRACK OUTTAKES".

You can purchase those real GEMMs, unique CD editions- from our SHOP.

EXPERIMENTAL ROMANTIC COLDWAVE is not dead in 2008 and even after. Just Mind The Gap ! ;)

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