ALPHA SEQUENZ is the "All Lifetime Project" of RIGECK RODGERS, Frenchman former of DIVERGENCE.
This Analog Synth Projekt started in 2001 tries to grab new territories into the field of what we like to call POST SYNTH at SHDR. It should be regarded as a sort of LANDSCAPE SYNTH MUSIC. Very suggestive and filmic.

ALPHA SEQUENZ must be seen as an analog lab . Sometimes exclusively influenced by the COLDWAVE instrumentation ( Bass/Guitar/Voice/Synth ) and sometimes strictly regarded as an experimental MINIMAL ELECTRONIK act ( Drum Machine/Synth ). Depends on the releases & moods in action. But, there is always a sort of sensible source of diverse avant-gardist influences. Romantic, Nihilistic, Nostalgic, Hurted, Desesperate music at once.

All songs are recorded "Track to Track" & "Hand to Hand". All compositions try here to reach the more minimalistic mix between 80's New Wave & Contemporary Analog Synth Music.

A full lenght Vinyl/Lp called AXIAL EQUILIBRIUM LP covering the period of 2001-2004 and another CD called BASS LINE EXPERIMENTS (2004-2008) are now available . Both Unique Items. Don't wait and order them now through our SHOP.

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